Monday, March 16, 2015

Spotlight on Lai's latest collection - "Kinner Kailash"

Lai’s latest collection “ Kinner Kailash” draws inspiration from the the land of natural abundance “Himachal Pradesh”. Diving deep into this fascinating northern state in India, Puja Bhargava (owner/creative head - Lai) takes her cues from the unique arts, crafts and culture that are an intrinsic part of the Himachali life! References to exquisite artistry of the Chamba rumal embroidery, distinctive geometric patterned 'Kinnauri and Spiti shawls” and the Kangra Painting depicting poetic sentiments, are beautifully woven into the anatomy of every piece in this limited edition collection. This intricately crafted silver line, has a contemporary flair mixed in with the right amount of boho charm to appeal to the wild side of every sophisticated urban woman.
Puja’s association with Himachal Pradesh dates back to her student years at the prestigious NIFT institute. Revisiting the memorable time that she spent in Himachal Pradesh she shares,"Himachal is one of my most favorite states in India and I've not only visited it as tourist but I also spent a month there as a NIFT student for my Craft Documentation project. Years later I did a Kinnauri shawl revival project for the Textiles Ministry during which I made multiple trips to Kinnaur.....I'd like to think Himachal likes me keeps calling me back!" 

Puja's attention to detail and her ability to interpret cultural inspiration for the modern day woman is exemplary. Talking indepth about her inspiration for this collection she says,"This collection our rendition of tribal Himachali designs (with a bit of Multani influence thrown in- an indicative of their ancient Silk Route connect). It is intended to resemble something you might stumble upon in an antique shop in Chamba- just more fun! We've kept the look oxidized & injected eye-catching enamel colors- making these designs both a beautiful accessory and a covetable find.Conveying the topic of travel, urban nomadic lifestyle and one of a kind finds, Kinner Kailash offers a range of necklaces, earrings, rings & bangles. Something to suit every taste, we think!”
The splendor of the tarnished patina of Oxidized Silver is sagaciously balanced with the hand painted vibrant enamel detailing, making the Kinner Kailash collection a temptation to say the least. This is handcrafted in Jaipur by expert artisans using time honored techniques with centuries-old craftsmanship and quality. Indulge the woman in you and make sure you get yours today before this 'made upon order' collection is sold out! Lai ships worldwide from Delhi and California. To browse the entire collection, click here.

Image courtesy: Lai

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