Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Liberate the Saree" with MOGRA (Featured Shop)

MOGRA's new capsule collection “Liberate the Saree”, is artisanal designer, Sheena Roy’s effort to metamorphose the indigenous six yards of fabric into a globally chic, every-day wearable garmentSheena, the creative lead at Mogra believes in changing the people’s perception about traditional Indian regalia like sarees, lungis, dhotis and shawls by giving them a more au courant appearance so as to be a fashion staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Quoting Sheena, "The idea behind the campaign is to introduce saris into global wardrobes and shine light on local crafts. We work with locally sourced handloom and donated sarees to create beautiful dresses that women around the world can identify with." 

The look book for their latest collection beautifully encapsulates the woman that Mogra designs for - a woman who is aware of her cultural identity but also believes in flaunting her individual distinct style. With the free-spirited Karuna Ezara Parikh as the face of Liberate the Saree collection, the locally sourced sarees take on a boho- chic avatar.
Mogra travels to the many far-flung villages in India to source textiles for their creations. Having a strong social conscience, they believe in promoting fair trade practices and fortify local crafts, handlooms and artisan weavers in an effort towards cultural preservation. 
Go ahead and peruse through the exquisite collection right here on their Facebook page. To have orders shipped internationally, contact Mogra via their Etsy shop! 

Mogra also gives you the option to rake through your closet and send them your very own sarees (that have been stored away or you haven’t got around to draping in a long time) to have them transformed into one of Mogra's fusion inspired designs ! What a great concept, I'm off to rummage through my wardrobe............ 

Image copyright/ credit: MOGRA 

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