Friday, November 21, 2014

When life throws curve balls at you ………

First things first, big bear hugs to all those who have been writing in to check on me and have made me feel like my absence from the blogging scene does make a difference to them.……the feeling is mutual and I've missed you’ll too.
I've been away cause life has been hurling curve balls at me and I've been busy trying to get through this rough patch…..Most of you’ll living abroad will agree with me when I say that the entire ordeal of living away from ones family is demanding and exhausting to say the least. You can chat on the phone, Whats App and Skype all you want, but the bottom line is there are days when you just miss “them”. The one thing that I dread the most is to wake up to a call (from back home) at an unearthly hour…….you know something is wrong. A month back, one such call woke me up to the news that my mom had suffered a heart attack and with multiple blocks she needed immediate surgery. This came as an absolute shock to my family and I cause she’s one of the most disciplined people that I know of, when it comes to health and eating right. 

So the past couple of weeks have been stressful. But all’s well that ends well. The surgery was a success and my brave lady is recovering well. This entire experience has not only made us stronger and wiser but has also made us realize the importance of the many things in life that we take for granted!!!

With me having to rush off to see my mom, my husband and son were left all alone to manage on their own. They did extremely well but the down side was I had some damage control to take care of when it came to the home front – the place looked like it had been hit by a tornado (but then again,boys will be boys ;). Another thing that was looming large was my final semester exams. But I’m done with all the studying and late nights and am back to my everyday routine, blogging and breathing regularly. From now on, we have our stream of cheerful vibrant posts coming your way. So stay connected and until next time keep warm!!! 

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  1. Glad to know that your mom is recovering well. Welcome back.

  2. Glad all went well in the end, welcome back to blogland :)

  3. I've enjoyed stopping by your blog and am always amazed with the frequency & quality of your posts. Was wondering why there was a gap too. Best wishes to your mother for a speedy recovery and good luck with your exams. Keep those lovely posts coming.

  4. Glad your mom is recovering prayers for her to get back to 100%. Take care...

  5. Welcome Back Sruthi. Very happy that your mom is recovering well.

  6. Good to see you back. Wondered where you were. Glad to know your mom's recovering well. That must've been hard on all of you.
    Waiting for your posts.


  7. Yay!!! You are back; very glad to hear that Mom's doing good and getting better !! It cant have been easy for any of you :( so glad u r back and with such great news Sruthi;)

  8. Glad to hear that your Mom's recovering well ! Best Wishes Sruthi...

  9. Checking back on TECD after a while now! Good to see you back, and that your mom is back up and about! Such is life I say... sometimes rocks us from our rosebed doesn't it. But bouncing back is the best part.


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