Friday, October 17, 2014

Banwarey (Featured shop)

If you think you've seen it all, wait till you see the creations from the design label "Banwarey". An unorthodox approach to design, contemporary yet quintessentially Indian, unique and artistically appealing and most of all - made with love.....all this and more aptly sums up the essence of Banwarey. A quartet of artists (as seen in the image from left : Shruti Joshi, Apurva Nayal, Shrishti Jain and Ajay Singh Rawatt) and the culmination of their passions for art, design, aesthetics and desi fervor has resulted in a brand that's as unique as the artists themselves. 
Banwarey offers a range of clothes, jewelry and fashion accessories that are hand crafted with an inherent organic feel. Colors, textures and patterns come together dexterously in each of their creations. The products speak for themselves but I also found the way the products have been styled and shot was engaging - rustic, raw, full of spirit and personality.........

This is what the talented bevy of artists at Banwarey have to say when it comes to their mission statement, "showcase and market handcrafted merchandise which brings out the magical mystique of India. A shared cultural viewpoint and sense of style bonds the members of our group together. Our apparel and allied portrays the way we think, behave and view the world and we express our style with an overriding commitment to a feeling which is very much Indian. 
Our practice of crafting merchandise is executed with a raw approach rather than heavy processing which essentially makes it a first- hand experience for the customer.We weave the Indian soul into everyday style and fashion ranging from anything casual to pretty intricate…Our designs are very much hip, contemporary and at the same time not detached from the earthy roots of our culture that is seemingly perishing in the process of over refining in productions. Our sense of design is intrinsic to the expression of our culture. We make our products with love...and a little madness!"

They currently retail via  Tatsat and Teaatro Dogra. They can also be reached via their Facebook page . What are you waiting for go ahead and get your share of  the Banwarey love and madness !!!

A gentle reminder, the Diwali festive giveaway is on until tomorrow........make sure you enter to win a fabulous dancing brass Ganesha from Jaypore.

Image Credit/Copyright : Banwarey

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